Skinny Shot


The Skinny Shot weight is a drop shot weight with the tightest line-grip swivel, guaranteed. The Skinny Shot weight is popular for fishing brush piles or rocks, because the slender shape reduces the odds of the weight getting snagged.

Pro Tip: Start with a weight, like a 3/16 oz. or 3/8 oz., and trim the weight as conditions dictate. A benefit of the skinny design is that it can be clipped with most heavy-duty pliers that have a wire cutting feature. Nasty’s Knockers significantly increase your odds of getting a drop shot unsnagged.

1/32 oz. ($2.09) qty.
1/16 oz. ($2.09) qty.
1/8 oz. ($2.09) qty.
3/16 oz. ($2.09) qty.
1/4 oz. ($2.09) qty.
3/8 oz. ($2.09) qty.
1/2 oz. ($2.09) qty.
5/8 oz. ($2.09) qty.

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