Universal Jigs

Our Patent Pending Universal Jig™ is now available for purchase. The best value jig on the market and possibly the most revolutionary improvement to the concept of jig fishing, the U-Jig™ is a multi-purpose jig that was designed by Alex Finch to be an efficient and effective Swimming, Flipping, Skipping and Stroking jig. Featuring multiple line-tie positions on a single jighead (a Patent Pending concept), the Universal Jig™ allows you to precisely position your line in the proper placement to achieve the most efficiency for the technique you need to use on the water. Perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, you can now carry a single jig in your tackle box for most situations and environments you encounter on a fishing trip. We've selected the top components in the world for our U-Jig™, with heavy wire Gamakatsu® hooks, natural 3-D bubble eyes, and technical paint schemes. Welcome to the future of jig fishing!