Vicktory Football Jig™

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The Vicktory Jig is an advanced stand-up football jig with a screw lock, designed to stand trailers straight up off the bottom. This jig is less likely to snag than other jigs and can be dragged in rocks, brush piles and timber.

To use the Vicktory Jig:

1. Secure the head of your soft plastic trailer to the screw-lock.

2. Ensure that the skirt is not going to interfere with the action of your trailer by approximating the position of the lure when it is attached to the hook.

3. Texpose your soft plastic trailer or rig the lure where the hook point will easily penetrate the plastic on a hookset.  Always try to keep the soft plastic trailer in-line with the hook point and secure the trailer firmly where the plastic will bend when a fish bites the lure.

Pro Tip: Try your favorite full-bodied craws, creatures and worms on this jig. Choose sizes based on the rate of fall you need and the depth you plan to fish. Placing a small amount of dye on trailers with a pen or liquid can help break up the outline of the jig and make it appear more natural. The Palomar Knot and Double San Diego Jam knots are recommended when throwing the Vicktory Jig.