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The Glade Blade™ is the next evolution in bladed jig fishing. Alex Finch released the first ever screw-lock style jig with the Vicktory Jig in 2018, and now the first functional snag-proof bladed jig with a compact frame in 2019.  Weedless is the wave of the future!

This bladed jig has been rigorously tested to come through the thickest cover imaginable and to pull out the biggest bass, hence the reference to the origins of the lure's name: Glade Creek on Lake Fork and the Florida Everglades.

Finch Nasty Bait Co.™ carefully considered each component in the Glade Blade™.

  • Finch Nasty Bait Co.™ licensed the Owner Centering-Pin Spring screw lock.
  • Extra-heavy EWG style hook:  The EWG hook and CPS screw-lock work together to create a pinning effect on fish that are hooked.
  • Stainless steel blade attached with heavy gauge split ring to allow for greater action while remaining patent compliant.
  • American wire snap that is rated for larger game fish like muskie.
  • Recessed line tie creates a shorter blade to head connection for fewer one-off line snags on branches, grass and other underwater obstructions.
  • Silicone Skirt Core with strands securely tied onto the core. This is the most durable skirt in the industry, with reports of most original cores on the Nasty's Thumper (2013) still in use.

Precision by Design:  Finch Nasty Bait Co.™ precisely measured the distance from the tip of the screw-lock to the point of the hook to give you a better hook up ratio. The jig head design also allows for the blade to bounce off the front of the jig head (you may notice paint chipping from this after use).  This makes the bait more weedless.

Pro-Tip:  Texpose your swimbaits on the EWG hook for a better hookup ratio.  Throw this bait on a 7'2 MH glass action rod paired with a 6-speed ratio reel with 17 pound fluorocarbon line or a heavy action rod with braid.  The speed and retrieve rate of the reel is important for achieving the action you want from your bait.

Swimbaits:  Experiment with different trailers to give your bait the desired action.

  • Keitech Fat Swing Impact Swimbaits: In-line action with a heavy tail kick counteracts the blade action to allow the bait to run in-line.  This is more effective in stained and dirty water.
  • Lake Fork Tackle Live Magic Shad: Natural swimming motion of the trailer.
  • Reaction Innovations Dippers: Very erratic action.