Shellshock™ Flipping Jig

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The Shellshock™ Flipping Jig is a patent-pending weedless multi-purpose jig that is designed to secure trailers unlike any other jig before.  The Shellshock™ features a unique Pin Cavity™ which protects the head of soft plastic trailers and features the first ever horizontal attachment mechanism for securing plastic trailers.  

The Pin Cavity™ is a hollow shell which has been precisely designed to secure craw-style trailers, like the Rage Craw. The Pin Cavity™ features an external hole on each side of the jig head.  The two holes precisely accommodate our 1/32 oz. Spikes or a simple toothpick, paper clip or other strong wire form. In addition, the Pin Cavity™ has a realistic appearance like the body of an actual crawfish.  With horizontal pinning of the trailers, it is possible to reuse those trailers on Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and other Finch Nasty Bait Co.™ jigs.   

The Shellshock Flipping Jig is built with heavy-duty components and great design features:

  • Gamakatsu's heaviest freshwater flipping hook
  • Silicone Skirt Core that features hand-tied strands and rattle ears.  This is the most durable skirt in the industry.
  • High strand counts in most skirts for a more full appearance.
  • Flat-bottom for easier skipping.
  • Custom-angled line-tie for fewer hang-ups.

To use the Shellshock™ Flipping Jig:

1. First insert your favorite craw trailer or worm into the Pin Cavity™.

2. Secure the trailer with Finch Nasty Bait Co.™ 1/32 oz. Spikes or a toothpick (both are included in each package).

3. Finally, attach the craw trailer to the hook and conceal the hook point either by the texposing method or with the hook point fully concealed.  Both methods are suitable.

Pro-Tip:  Try different trailers to achieve the fall rate you are looking for. The Pin Cavity™ is designed to accommodate a variety of trailers, such as beavers, craws, swimbaits, worms, as well as other full-bodied craw style trailers.  For a better hook-up ratio, you can switch to a chunk style trailer and use a discarded plastic worm in the cavity with the end placed over the hook point.  We recommend braided fishing line and a heavy action rod when flipping the Shellshock™ into grass or heavy cover.