About Us


Finch Nasty Bait Company

We are a veteran owned and operated small business that offers custom quality fishing lures at reasonable prices. Finch Nasty Bait Co., like many others, started out as a small lure business in North Texas with a niche for building custom lures.  Over time, we graduated to producing lures in sufficient quantities to keep several local stores stocked.  Every lure we make is built in North Texas, with the same quality target and attentiveness that we started with.  We wouldn't ask you to put something in your tackle box that we wouldn't have in ours. Please take time to visit our line of proven and innovative products. 

Our Mission

Our primary focus is on providing quality products and great customer service.  We strive to provide quality fishing lures at fair and reasonable prices. Our lures are some of the most innovative in the industry, and always the highest quality, but the uniqueness and effectiveness doesn't have to translate to overpriced products.  This is achieved by paying close attention to the details that matter and always keeping an open mind. We share a passion for the outdoors with our customers, and we know how frustrating it can be when a business doesn't stand behind their products.

Alex Finch with a 13.06# Sharelunker

Alex Finch, Owner of Finch Nasty Bait Co., is an avid tournament fisherman, with several notable finishes, including First Place Overall in the 2013 Big Bass Splash on Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas. Alex's bass weighed 9.90 pounds. Alex fished competitively for Texas A&M University for two years and the Bassmaster Opens as a Pro in 2017. After graduating from Texas A&M in 2012, he learned that he had a passion for lure design and building high quality fishing lures. That passion led to the start of the Finch Nasty Bait Co. As the Owner of Finch Nasty Bait Co., he takes pride in knowing his work and products have helped thousands of fishermen enjoy their time on the water.

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