Lunker Thumper

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Every aspect of this unique lure has been perfected: it features the unique quad-keeper (a four-direction keeper) to ensure swimbaits do not slide down before the first fish is caught and a raised ring collar which snugly holds our hand-tied skirts in place. We use a big-game fish snap that will not fail when the fish of a lifetime is on the other end of the line. The hook is unique to the Finch Nasty Bait Co. and is a Mustad®. The design of the jig head allows the lure to counteract the rising action created by the blade position. This lure was released in November 2015.

Pro Tip: Use a 4.8”-8” swimbait style trailer with your Lunker Thumper. In the design phase, owner Alex Finch precisely measured the distance from the ring collar to the hook point to perfectly hold larger swimbaits. When fish suspend, count the lure down based on the fall rate with your choice of trailer and reel at a steady retrieve.  This lure also works well when retrieved across points, humps, etc. after bass complete the annual spawning ritual. 

Nasty’s Knockers will significantly increase your success rate of getting the lure unsnagged in deeper water.