Finch Nasty Website Evolution. Remember this?

Finch Nasty Website Evolution. Remember this?

Finch Nasty Bait Co. Manager Alex Finch listens to his customers.  Over the past few years, our customers have mentioned certain challenges with our online ordering platform.  We're responding to the call for a better website with this version.  It's time for a new era. Here is a pic in memoriam of website version 2.0.  The site was developed by Timothy White, a high school student at the time.

The second evolution of the Finch Nasty website looked like this:

Upgrades to this version of the site include:

  • New Photos.  We hired Angler's Choice Photography (Brian Harris) to retake photos that were not previously clear.  Brian did an excellent job on all of our new products and made our old products come to life.
  • Streamlined Checkout Process.  The old checkout process was difficult and required customers to go to Paypal to complete their orders.  The new process is quicker and gives customers many more options to complete their online orders.
  • Shipping Updates.  We wanted to be able to offer our customers options rather than charge a flat rate.  The savings from getting shipping costs more accurate might now make it possible for a customer to add another product to their cart while staying on budget.
  • Credit Cards.  Many customers did not have a Paypal account or preferred to pay with credit cards.  We just couldn't get comfortable with processing credit card payments on our old site.  With the new web host, we are confident your information is more secure.
  • More and Better Information.  The old site didn't have a blog for updates and also didn't allow us to send our customers information about the bait business.  Customers may now get some e-mails with information about sales, new products and other developments.

We hope you will enjoy your NEW online shopping experience with Finch Nasty Bait Co.